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Thread: Changing cells in a formula

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    Changing cells in a formula

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    Hi, I'm new to excel and I'm having trouble changing the cells in one of my formulas.

    Basically I need to change the formula to represent the next row down for example =(G5/(G5+H5)*C5)*2.74 needs to change to =(G6/(G6+H6)*C6)*2.74.

    At the moment I'm having to double-click each cell in the formula and choose the new cell manually and I have to do this a lot so as you can imagine its very time consuming.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    double click the little black square at the bottom right of the cell with the original formula

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    Cheers, that works great for the next row down. Is there a way to do it for a row that is further down the worksheet?

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    Changing cells


    As per my understanding, you can double click and change the formula,
    You also press clt+' , you see your formula and change it as per your need
    if you have same formula and need to change it for every cell. only next cell has to be changed in that,
    select cell and drag it

    Hope it will work,

    keep smiling

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