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Thread: copying cells down the page

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    copying cells down the page

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    I want to copy this formula down the page but want the highlighted cell to stay the same how do I go about it =VLOOKUP(A3,'Season '!$B:$AF,MATCH($B1,'Season '!$B$1:$AF$1,0),0) At the moment it changes to the cell I put it in how do I go about stopping it changing ???

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    Just add a $ between the B and 1

    =VLOOKUP(A3,'Season '!$B:$AF,MATCH($B$1,'Season '!$B$1:$AF$1,0),0)

    The $ "freezes" the column and/or row it is place in front of. This is called Absolute referencing.

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    Thank you very much that will save some time

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