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Thread: conditional formatting

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    conditional formatting

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    Can anyone help with this.

    I need the following to happen.

    I am trying to find out how to do the following

    I have two coloums c one contains the information the other is a valadation list box. when i select from the list box I want colum c to high light the name i select from the list box but but in coloum c if the engineer is not it needs to say engineer not avalable select other engineer or contact branch.

    hope this make sense

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    2nd issue
    also how to i get it to do the following in forumale.

    I highlight a selection of cells and say that if this coloum contains any of these words highligh red. this is what i have tried. =$D$13:$D$26=Holiday,Vacent Area,Sick,BDE Engineer

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    Hi Joona - I didn't get your first question.
    for 2nd one, just select the range of cells and go to conditional formatting>> highlight cell Rules>>Equals ----- apply this multiple time(depending upon how many items you want to search and hilight red)

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