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Thread: summarize multiple invoices data in a new workbook

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    summarize multiple invoices data in a new workbook

    I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help.
    I have multiple invoices that keep on adding up. I am looking for a way to type the client number in a new workbook and get all the needed details such as name address phine number etc.
    So each time I type an client's number in this list it would generate the needed info.
    For the invoices I have a main sheet into which I insert my data and save it as in a folder that contains all the invoices.
    I would really appreciate your help and much needed advice.
    thank you

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    Hi Louladee - if you have two files; one with data( where you keep all the invoice details like address, name, ph no etc) and the summary file where you need to get the file one details based on the client number.

    You just need to use Vlookup to extract from other file.

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    Hello again and thank you so much for the reply. The thing is.. I have one template for the invoice form. Each time I sell to a client I type in the details and save the file as eg. "Inv. 296" on a new sheet in the same workbook.
    I created a new workbook in which I have much needed details with invoice number on column A. Date of invoice in column B. Amount in C. Discount in D. Net profit in E.
    I am trying to save time by just inserting the invoice number in A and automatically get the needed details.
    Thank You so much for your help.
    I already used v lookup yo create a drop down list of merchandise and items. But it does not seem to work here.

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    can you send sample file pls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinod View Post
    can you send sample file pls?
    Dear vinod. Thank you so much for your reply.
    I attached the inv template and save each new one as its num er for example "inv. 222" on the same workbook.
    I also attached the list in which I wanna add the number of the invoice and get the details I need.
    Thank you sooo much.
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