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Thread: Vllokup Break down

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    Vllokup Break down

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    Can someone please break this line down into what does what please =VLOOKUP($A4,'Division1&2 season 42'!$B:$AF,MATCH(B1,'Division 1&2 season42'!$B$1:$AF$1,0),0)

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    When I try and do this in vlookup there is no $ at all nor the word MATCH

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    Good afternoon,

    It looks like the match is being used in the Column Reference portion of the Vlookup formula. So, it is finding A4, in the range Division1&2 season 42 B:AF and returning the column returned by the match formula which is finding b1 in the top row of the same sheet. It might be cleaner if you used an index-match combination. You could use:

    = Index( Division1... B:AF, match( A4, Div... B:AF, 0), match( B1, Div... B1:AF, 0))

    This will do the same thing, but it's a bit more straightforward. It makes kind of a matrix out of the table and then finds the matching row and column and returns the result.

    Hopefully this is easy enough to understand. Best of luck,

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    Your formula didn't work for me, couldn't see why, so I replaced the range in the MATCH formula by selecting B1:AF1 on the other sheet, made it absolute, and lo and behold, it worked fine.

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    so your formula looked like ??

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    Oh I see what it is now. The sheet name in the MATCH formula has an extraneous space between the Division and 1, there should be none (or the other one is missing a space).

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    Hi Bob take a look at this thread I don't want to start a new one just trying to understand it

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    Is that thread related to this question, if so, how? Is this one answered?

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    Yes it is related but only in trying to understand the vlookup part and no its not solved as yet still looking for a break down

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    As I said, the correction I posted worked for me. Whether it works correctly only you know, but you aren't saying, but otherwise I am out of ideas.

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