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Thread: Powerpivot relationship puzzle

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    Question Powerpivot relationship puzzle

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    Hi, I am new to powerpivot and battling to come to grip with relationships in DAX measures. I am currently working on a problem that I am sure is easily fixed with the correct DAX formula.

    I have 5 tables: FinancialData, Shipment, VA, Container & Voyage. I am trying to create a pivot from these tables that shows:

    Voyage Vessel Amount Containers Weight(T) Amount/Ton
    1N Fred 1000 16 80 12.50
    1S Fred 1100 20 120 9.17
    2N Joe 600 9 40 15.00
    2S Joe 600 36 80 7.50
    3N Mary 200 13 60 3.33
    3S Mary 200 24 60 3.33
    4N Paul 200 18 60 3.33
    4S Paul 300 8 20 15.00

    There are two types of jobs that and each have their own table i.e. Prefix V jobs are in the VA table as well as the Financial Data table while Prefix J jobs are in the Shipment table and the Financial Data table. Container numbers and weight are related to the Shipment table jobs only (prefix J jobs).

    While I can get a pivot to show amounts by vessel & voyage and another pivot to show containers and weight by vessel & voyage, I canít show all in a pivot table or use amount and weight in the same measure. Can anyone help.
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    I think you will need to append the VA and Shipment tables, either in Excel, or maybe Power Query.

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    Thanks for you input Bob. Yes I thought of doing that but unfortunately the VA and Shipment table data columns in the live version are much more complicated and hence they not compatible, so doing an append in this situation would not work.

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