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Thread: barcode scanner - finds certain data then highlights that cell

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    barcode scanner - finds certain data then highlights that cell

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    I'm using a barcode scanner to account for an inventory. I have an excel file of what I should have and account for each year. I would like to use the barcode scanner to scan a serial # on a particular item, then find that same # in the excel document, then highlight that cell. This has to be possible, I just do not know how to set up the document to do this. Can anyone help?

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    Hello, what I do is to create a list of codes. Then I use the conditional formatting tool, click in Highlight Cells Rules, then Equal To and in the box select the cell A3 where you are going to put the code that you read. You can tried with each number that you have in the database. If you have any question, tell me.

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