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Thread: Formatting Problem in Excel 2007

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    Formatting Problem in Excel 2007

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    I like all cells in a sort to turn into formatted blue while the first-cell contains "p". However, I could not do it. In Conditional-Formatting-Rules manager, and the rule was: Formula: = "a9=p". The Format box contains black-text on a blue backdrop, and the “Applies To” field have the array of cells: =$A$9:$H$9.

    While I change the cell of A9 to "p" not anything happens.

    I also assume I will have to take away all the $ on the "applies to". Though, when I try to do, Excel puts-up the $ back.

    Any way to format works properly?


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    Use a formula of


    Don't remove the $ from the APplies to.

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