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Thread: Find MAX in range excluding some intermittent cells

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    Find MAX in range excluding some intermittent cells

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    I have a range of numbers from which I wish to total the 6 highest but within the range there are some that I wish to ignore.



    I realise that this is probably a simple formula but I am a golden oldie just trying to make simple spreadsheet for local club.
    Thanks in advance for any help received.


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    You could try this array formula


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    You could try this array formula

    Bob, thanks but does not do what I require, let me explain exactly my problem is, I have a formula which I used but I tried to change a couple of numbers within it and it has stopped calculating. My formula =SUM(LARGE(INDEX(D3:AG3*(ISERROR(FIND(COLUMN(D3:AG3),"7,11,16,20,24,29"))),0),{1,2,3,4,5,6}))
    This totaled 6 largest numbers from cells D3>AG3 inclusive but ignored cells G3,K3,P3,T3,X3,AC3.
    I hope that this explains what I am looking for and again thanks for your help.


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    Why didn't you mention that at the start?


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    Actually, there is a bug in your formula, you need to be more precise like this


    or use an amended version of wht I originally gave


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    Thanks for that, sorry for any misunderstanding.


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