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Thread: Help Writing a formula

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    Help Writing a formula

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    Hi, I need help to write this formula IF column C and Column H have the same value, then add the value of Column I to Column F and add the value of column J to column G

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    Are you saying that if C2 = 2 and H2 = 2 and I2=11 and F2 = 23 you want to get 34 in F2. If so, that cannot be done by a formula, as you can't have a formula that references itself. It can be done by event code though.

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    Hi Amanda,

    If I understood correctly your question, here is my solution.


    if C = H column condition achieved give me the result as sum of F to I col and G to J coluumn. if not give me result as 0

    Let me know if it gives you the solution.

    attached the solution for the same.
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