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Thread: Is it possible to display just point 6 in a cell?

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    Is it possible to display just point 6 in a cell?

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    I would like to be able to enter the decimal portion of a minute of time from .1 to .9 and for the entry in the cell to display just the decimal point and any number from 1 to 9....Is it possible to have a cell display just the decimal point and the number?

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    Don't understand. Do you mean you want to see 00:30:00 as .5 (of an hour), or what?

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    Bob, let me try explain again.........I have a cell in which I can enter any number from 0 to 59 to represent seconds of a minute, then that number is extracted into another cell to form part of a formula that eventually displays degrees, minutes and seconds of arc.
    Now, in another three cells, I have degrees in one, minutes in one and a cell that I wish not to put in seconds as seconds of time but as a decimal of a minute....that is....6 seconds of time = .1, 12 seconds of time = .2 and so on up to .9 representing 54 seconds of time, but not as time in the, I want to be able to enter for example, .7 in a cell without the zero in this possible?

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    Bob, I found the answer..... I custom format the cell as #.##
    Entering .7 returns a display of .7

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    Trouble with that is a value of 3 shows as 3, if you ever get integer values.

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    Bob, there is no problem with integer value returns as the fractional component is entered purely as a fractional component in a cell just for the fractional component and a separate formula created in a different cell to add the fractional component to integers of my choice in which is either needed or not needed, so no problem. Thank you for your reply though.

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