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Thread: Filtering required fields in the mentioned excel Sheet

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    Question Filtering required fields in the mentioned excel Sheet

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    Open the attachment - Look at the First Sheet.
    Take the Example of fields which are colored in blue.

    You can see multiple entries of same System name.
    Every Event ID has different Event Generated Time.
    I want to the list of 1202 & 1203 Event ID's of all Systems which has the most recent Event generated time and delete the rest of all old entries of each System Name.

    As per the example of System Name: ASHSE642010266

    Desired output:
    5/12/2014 18:00 1202 ASHSE642010266
    5/12/2014 18:08 1203 ASHSE642010266

    Delete rest of the Entries of ASHSE642010266

    This output should reflect on all the System Names accordingly.

    Thanks in advance

    Rajesh Nulu
    +91 9620475594
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    Excel 2010 Table, PivotTable
    No formulas, no code needed.

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    Thank you very much... I got the result.

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