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Thread: How do you create a cell to display own day, month and year?

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    How do you create a cell to display own day, month and year?

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    Here's the problem......I want to enter Dec-1976 in cell K3, then in cell M3, I want to enter any number from 1 to 31 to represent a date....Finally, I want cell P3 to display the day number, month and year as a combination of K3 and M3 and be recognised as a legitimate day, month and year.....I would like the final display to read as follows as an example.... 23-Dec-1976. As I notice, when I enter Dec-1976 in cell K3, it displays in the formula bar a date of its own. I look forward to help. Thanks..
    I am aware I could enter the day, month and year straight into a cell, but this is not what I want to do.
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    in condition, data on K3 must formatted as date not text or custom date "MMM-YYY"

    Hope it works

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    You could also use


    because Kú will assume 1st of that month

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    Thank you both for the replies....great......both formulas work. I had to custom format the cell P3 to dd-mmm-yyyy.
    Thank you.

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