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Thread: How do I return a red cell if N or S is entered?

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    How do I return a red cell if N or S is entered?

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    In cell F13, I want to be able to enter the capital letter N or S. If any other entry apart from N or S is entered, I want the same cell, F13, to return as a red cell.....How do I do this?

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    Use conditional formatting, and test for that value.

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    Bob, thanks for your reply....your reply didn't answer my question completely as I was left wondering what to do after I got into the conditional formatting part, which, through trial and error, and guessing, eventually led me to what I wanted to achieve....
    Thanks for your reply.

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    I didn't intend to answer your question completely, My aim was to point you n the right direction, but to get you to learn how to use this function.

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    Bob, I acknowledge your help....Thank you for replying to me.

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