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Thread: Cell entry that returns the word ERROR

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    Cell entry that returns the word ERROR

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    I would like help with the following....I want to be able to enter any number from 0 through to 59 in Cell D8 and for Cell D8 to show the number entered, but, if the number entered in Cell D8 is higher than 59, then I want Cell D8 to show the word ERROR.....How do I go about doing this?

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    Give the cell a custom format of


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    Bob, thank you for replying to my post....however, since Iam new to the workings of excel, is the formula you posted to be put in the cell D8? I tried this and it doesnt this leads me to think that the formula for the cell D8 must be entered somewhere else......can you give me a step by step guide in how to resolve my problem.....thank you for your time.

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    Bob, I have figured it out.....Thank you for your help.....
    I was wondering if it was possible to have cell D8 turn to red it a number higher than 59 was this possible?

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    I have figured out how to turn the cell red....No need for any reply.

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