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Thread: Copy the one column range from excel to notepad

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    Copy the one column range from excel to notepad

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    Is there a way to copy from excel to a notepad file.

    1 The macro would run from sheet1.
    2 Create folder on desktop. If folder exists do not create.
    3 Create notepad file name mentioned in sheet2 A1. Copy content of sheet2 range B2:B2500, to this file. If this text file exists overwrite the file, without any prompt.

    Please help with simplest way to achieve.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sub ColumnToTxt()
        Dim x As String
        x = Sheet2.Range("B2:B2500").Address
        fname = Sheet2.Range("A1")
        Open "C:\users\yourname\desktop\" & fname For Output As #1
        Print #1, Join(Evaluate("transpose(" & x & ")"), vbCrLf)
        Close #1
    End Sub

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