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Thread: Help with a macros to use in Excel 2010 workbook

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    Help with a macros to use in Excel 2010 workbook

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    I am new to VBA/macros and need help with the following problem I am having with my Excel sheet and was told a “macros” will be the best way to go.


    Please see sheet attached; I wrote the following MS Excel (2010) syntax in cells D211 to help me determine the "Earliest start date” (column D) in the range of each project ID number (column A):

    How do I copy and paste the formula into the next groups of 10 cells for each project ensuring that the reference range is accurate? Any help with a "macros", because if I copy and paste the range of 10 rows for each project ID as absolute ("$C$2:$C$11") I see that it carries it over to the next set of 10 rows, which should be $C$12:$C$21) instead, and so on. As you can imagine, without a macros, I will have to go and manually change the range, which is tedious for a large Excel sheet of about 500 projects (times 10 project teams = 5000 cells to manually enter).

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Just use the formula


    in C2, and copy down

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    Wow! Thanks a Million times over Bob for the help. I prefixed it with an IF statement to take care of empty date cells. So the resulting formula I pasted into C@ is


    Very much appreciated the quick response and help.


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