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Thread: Moving past VBA

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    Jesse, another thing to be aware of. Once you start fooling around in Visual Studio you're going to learn just how far behind Excel's development environment really is.
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    Thanks Ken, I consider myself warned

    Thanks all for the advice, I think I'm going to jump into Visual Studio via C#.


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    Moving past VBA

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
    I've been using VBA for a couple of years now but want to get more serious and move to Visual Studio for developing my Excel solutions and perhaps onward from there.

    Advice, should I stick with VB or should I bite the bullet and learn C before investing to heavily in VB?

    No need to study C for VBA. But a better optionis to study C#. Because nowadays most old VB projects are mving to C# and C# is getting very popularity recently. You can do anything C# like in VBA .


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    I disagree about C#:

    # Microsoft treat both C# and VB.NET equally so there is no difference

    # Books about each language is also nearly a 50/50 situation

    # VB.NET is not the successor of VB, it's a 100 % NET language

    If You still insist I would like to see a reference to any officially source that shows explicit that C# is more popular.
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