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Thread: Combining Workbooks using VBa

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    Combining Workbooks using VBa

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    Hi Guys.

    I need help with VBA code to combine workbooks.

    I have 14 workbooks named 1.00, 1.01, ... .., 1.13 in the following location/folder “C:\Users\user\Desktop\Excel”.

    Each workbook has One worksheet and I want to have a Master workbook containing all the worksheets from the 1.00 to 1.13 workbooks.

    To be specific, the Master workbook will contain the 14 worksheets and Each worksheet must be named Sheet0 to Sheet13. With Sheet0 corresponding to workbook 1.00, Sheet1 to workbook 1.01, etc

    How can I accomplish this with VBA or there are easier ways to do this?



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