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Thread: Value based selections from a table

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    Value based selections from a table

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    Dear XL Guru/s,
    Our objective is to be able to put a dollar value into a cell, then select a client type (essentially a condition), and then either run a macro or formula/s that will populate a table based on select information from another table.

    To be clearer, the smaller the dollar value in the reference cell mentioned earlier, then the fewer selections in the new table (set by rules of % value of the product compared to the overall $ value). The new table will then shows the recommended products that the client should consider purchasing.

    Any help or comments would be very much appreciated.


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    You need to be a lot more specific, talk about the specific data inputs and the data outputs, give some examples, post aworkbook.

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    Thanks for the reply Bob. I'm new on excel guru so appreciate you setting me straight. I'll put together workbook and clear explanation and post on this thread.


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    Bob and others,
    I've attached a workbook with some instructions.

    To clarify, I'm wanting to build this model to generate results for an assignment for my postgrad degree in finance. I've selected the assignment and it is portfolio construction. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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