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Thread: Copy data between match pattern and process for respective header values

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    Copy data between match pattern and process for respective header values

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    I have this workbook which contains 3 sheets as per attachment. Googled at lot...

    1) User uses drop downs in Sheet 1, and enters the Variables or data. To differenciate if the values to be captured or not have used # for headers #JAVA_x.

    2) In Sheet 2, the headers are captured. As per drop downs selected by the user in Sheet 1.

    3) In Sheet 3, the user enters details for the corresponding drop down value of Sheet 1. The details entered in Sheet 3 are not the same as in Sheet 1 as Variables. Those are different. The details entered in Sheet 3 varies for respective header values, there is no definite length. Yes, only one column is used in Sheet 3.

    4) In Sheet 2, Sheet 3 values are captured and needs processing as below.

    For example: values of JAVA_1 i.e code1 to save, just above JAVA_2 must be captured or extracted from Sheet 2,AF83 to respective headers between B83 to P83 only, if header value selected in sheet 1 is non # (JAVA_1, JAVA_2, JAVA_3). If header value selected in sheet 1 is # (#JAVA_4, JAVA_5) should be blank as in attachment.

    5) The list length varies for respective header value as mentioned in attachment.

    Could I know how to achieve this in simplest way. Possibly without VB. But anyways is fine.

    I thought this can be achieved by extracting values between 2 match patterns. Like between JAVA_1 to JAVA_2. But not sure how to achieve this.

    May be possible with loop.

    Hope I am clear with my idea.
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    In the attached, in Sheet2, in the vicinity of cell R100 are 2 buttons; click the Clear button to erase the results and the Get Results button to get them back.

    I may have got what you wanted wrong - it is very difficult to work out what you want.
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    @p45cal, thank you very much it was helpful. Much appreciate it.

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