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Thread: Trying to change numeric value and cell green from red or red to green

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    Trying to change numeric value and cell green from red or red to green

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    THANK YOU for your help!!!!!

    Here is the Input book for Game
    The only other books go to the other rows which are separate from these

    When you open them enable Macros and save a file. If you have to link them together the last page is where you have to go not to mess it up. You will go to the 50+ book last page and click on data and then link to the Input book. The input book you have to link from the INPUT page and link to the 50+ book. They should auto link

    I just need to know how to change the color cells so I can change the ones that are not correct

    In this book you will notice that in game 40 in row 12 columns RS there is not a color in that cell. One or the other needs to be in there. I know from reading the counters from game 40 to 41 it should be red but I need to see where and how to make that cell red. Once I can get help on that I can figure out the one blow that in row 4 and 20. Game 41 same issue with row 12 columns RS. I have issues like this all over and some I need to change the red to a green. I hope this makes sense. I have done a road map and it leads me back to the drawn numbers. I know if I change them the cell will change but that's not what I need to do. The drawn numbers are what they are. They WILL NOT change. I'm missing something in my own creation I can't remember how to do. UG

    thanks Guru'. Hope someone is up for the challenge.

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    Here are the links
    41 41 Numbers Input.xlsm

    Here is the external book for the 50+ area(s) which will be rows 9-14 41 External Book 50+ Hit Numbers Book.xlsx

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    I have made several corrections but none seem to change the cell colors. If you have the old book you can see where they were made. Basically A12 needed to be changed to =IF(A4="?","?",'Drawn Numbers'!$N12-1) and not =IF(A3="?","?",'Drawn Numbers'!$N12-1) and also =IF(A4="?","?",'Drawn Numbers'!$N3-1). I have corrected them on all the Games. Here is the new book 41 Nar Numbers Input.xlsm

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