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    VLOOKUP Challenge

    I'm fairly green to Excel and this task is proving very difficult (or impossible) for me, can you help?

    So here's what I'm trying to do:
    - Sheet 1 of my Workbook: Columns 1 - 10 contain item information extracted from a report, Columns 11 & 12 have date information entered manually.
    > as time passes some items are received (thus falling off of the report) and some items are added (thus adding onto the report), so the report that the item information is extracted from is constantly changing.

    - Sheet 2 of my Workbook is the most up-to-date version of the report: Columns 1 - 10 contain the same item information as Sheet 1, and Columns 11 & 12 still need date information.
    > So, how can I get the manually entered date information from Sheet 1 to follow the item information to Sheet 2? Some items will have fallen off, some items will remain (these are the ones needing the dates to transfer...using VLOOKUP, and maybe IFERROR and/or MATCH???), and some items will be new (needing new date information to be manually entered) - I'm trying to only enter the date information once and avoid having to re-enter all of the date information every time I update the report (which is four times per day).

    - One aspect of the challenge is that the item information on the spreadsheet is filtered from the report so what would usually be Row 2 might read Row 547 on Sheet 1, and the next time the report is updated the same item might still be where Row 2 normally is but now it might read Row 532 on Sheet 2...the Row that's 20 rows down from the top might read Row 1237 on Sheet 1, and the next time the report is updated that item might now be 29 rows down from the top and now read Row 1286 - so the Rows are always jumping around but I need the date information to stick with the item information, not the Row #.
    > Every time I update the report I cut the spreadsheet from Sheet 2 and paste it over Sheet 1, next I paste the updated report information onto Sheet 2, then (if I can figure out how to get all of this to work) I'll just have a few blanks in Columns 11 & 12 to fill in and the report is complete and up-to-date.

    See attachment for a sample.

    Any help would be sooo much appreciated!

    Thank you!
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