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Thread: Analysis of adding a extra row to a model with lot of macros.

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    Analysis of adding a extra row to a model with lot of macros.

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    I have recently started working on a model built by some one else and I need to add a extra row to model. The Model has lot of macros on every page. So i need to know how adding an extra row is going to affect the macros.

    I don't know much about macros.

    1) Please suggest how to go ahead.
    2) Also suggest what are basic things to be kept in mind when performing such an analysis.

    I understand the main problem would be that the references in the macro wont get updated which might lead the macro to malfunction.

    Whats the best way to analyze which macros are getting effected.

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    Unless I'm wrong without seeing the macro and how it affect the worksheet would be just a very wild guess.
    If you can attach a copy of the workbook. Or, if that fails, paste a copy of the code to the forum.
    Be sure to use code tags when posting codes.

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