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Thread: Having a conditional formatting migraine. Please Help!

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    Exclamation Having a conditional formatting migraine. Please Help!

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    I'm trying to use conditional highlighting to highlight cells B3:O3 based on certain text that is in J3. I have figured out everything except for the formula to use for specific text followed by variable text. What I need is when J3 says "moved to" followed by a location, the row should be highlighted. I found online somewhere that I could use the formula "=$J3=ISNUMBER(SEARCH("MOVED TO",J3))=TRUE", but that doesn't work for me. For some reason, it highlights the row without anything being in J3. When I change the formula to "=FALSE), that doesn't work either. When FALSE is used, anything and everything that gets put into J3 highlights the row. My worksheet is A1:O27, with the headers being in rows 1 and 2. Data starts in B3. I need this to work in each row from B3:O27. PLEASE HELP!

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    Select B3:O27
    Go into conditional formatting dialogue via New Rule
    Select rule type Use a formula to determine…
    enter this in the Format values whre this formula is true field:
    =SEARCH("MOVED TO",$J3)>0
    (this is where you must ensure that row 3 is the topmost row of your selection prior to going into the dialogue)
    Choose your formatting
    OK. OK.

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