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Thread: Clearing formats doesn't clear the background color

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    Clearing formats doesn't clear the background color

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    Hi all,

    This is quote from the "Microsoft Excel 2010 by Jahn Walkenbach" book:

    "Clearing formats doesn't clear the background color in a range that has been designated as a table unless you replace the table style background colors manually".

    But, When I create a table and right click -> format cells -> Fill -> background color and then chose a color then OK.
    After that I chose all cells of that table (which now has a background color) and the Clear->clear formats.
    But the background color also will be cleared. Why? The wrong is with my work or the book's text please?


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    I was trying and I have the same result than you. I don't know what is all the context of the text in the book. But why don't you try to contact Jahn Walkenbach? Maybe is true with some specials conditions.
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