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    1. I have two work books the 1st work book as a hyer link that is liked to a specfic sheet in another work book but after 24 hours when i come back to use the sheet, its says hyper link not valid. yet it works when i re- do the hyper link, I do not wish to do this everytime. is there away of getting the hyperlink to open the work book to the specific page without opening the work book 1st

    2. I have another work sheet that will act as a main page within a work book, within this work book I will have 22 seprate work sheets. The main page will be called home where by you click on a hyper link that opens up one of the sheets, however my problem is this. i wish to hide all the sheets except the home page sheet and have the hyper links still work. I have already tried to do this but when i have hidden the sheets the hyper link does not work.

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    Here is the spreadsheet.
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    I do not have all of the answers. But this bit of code may help show the "Hidden" sheet/
    Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
    Worksheets(Left(Target.SubAddress, InStr(1, Target.SubAddress, "!") - 1)).Visible = xlSheetVisible
    End Sub
    Copy it to your worksheet code module.
    Right click sheet tab "Home" select "View code" and then paste.

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