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    Hello to all my problem is i have created a database of stock the formula i have used is =stock level +added stock - picking ending up with a figure in total stock my problem is i want the total stock to deplete each time i pick and only increase when i add but my formula does not do that once i change the picking stock the total stock changes please could anyone help me to solve this one !!!!!
    My only thought is that i am creating this in one work book perhaps i need it to be in another workbook i await any help

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    Post a workbook with a worked example.

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    I am not sure how to do that but I will try

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    What i want the database to do is to change the figure in total stock column on under certain conditions dies this help

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    Sorry spelling is dreadful i just want the total stock figure to deplete automatically when stock is picked and only increase the stock figure when i add stock

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