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Thread: Get NEW email on basis of available email using macro

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    Get NEW email on basis of available email using macro

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    We know that professional emails have a fixed format. I have a list of people with their names and emails and there are some people for which emails are missing. I am pasting my sample data below. But first let me explain the meaning of columns.

    Column A: Means full name of the person for which we have email idColumn B & C: just split of Available full name into first name and last name
    Column D: Email id of the person with full name in column A
    Column E: For the names in this column, we need to get email ids
    Column H: Sample result

    Now basis on the Full Name(Column A) and Email Id(Column D) can we get the email id for person in Column E.Sample data.xlsx

    I have originally posted this question at mrexcel forum and havent got any response. Was trying to post url to other forum but my post count is less than 5.

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    I do not have an answer for your problem. But, when I looked at your sample the formatting of the email address is not consistent.
    You have an example with the person first letter of the first name along with the last name.
    You then have a example of just the opposite. Last name with fist letter of their first name.
    This would be difficult to code.

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