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Thread: how to create dynamic chart using a list box

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    how to create dynamic chart using a list box

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    I am trying to create a dynamic chart using a list box. I want the Week Selected from the List box displayed on Cell E4 and the corresponding values for the selected week populated. My Data is on Sheet titled “Data” and my Dynamic Chart on the second sheet. So the Chart changes based on the Weekly Data.

    Please i will appreciate any help rendered from this forum.

    Thank you
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    Hi twinny...

    I attached your sample workbook to this thread with a possible solution. When selecting an entry from your listbox, you can use the linked cell to calculate the corresponding cell address in the data sheet. The formula for doing this uses the Excel functions Address() and Indirect():
    I have added some helping cells to you chart sheet. Hope this helps.

    Regards :-)
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    Hay Twinny,
    I propose an alternative solution by using Pivot Table and Pivot Chart.
    You will see in the attached file the steps to reach the solution :
    - re-arrange the base table by creating a Pivot Table transfert : one dimension table
    - corresponding Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
    The Guru of this solution is Debra Dalgleish
    Best regards
    Dynamic Charts_Pivotable.xlsx

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