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Thread: Holy Macro! It's 2,500 Excel VBA Examples: Every Snippet of Excel VBA Code You'll Eve

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    Holy Macro! It's 2,500 Excel VBA Examples: Every Snippet of Excel VBA Code You'll Eve

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    Hi All,I'm new to the forum.First i would like to tell you that it's a great forum you have here and i see myself gaining lots of knowledge from it
    I just want to ask about something , it's actually a book in a CD which is called "Holy Macro! It's 2,500 Excel VBA Examples: Every Snippet of Excel VBA Code You'll Ever Need " as I'm thinking of buying it . (Can't Post the link as this is my first post ) (Just copy and paste the name on amazon)
    I just need to ask if anyone has experience with it??
    Also this book was published in 2006 , so I'm just worried that the code on it would have been developed using Excel 2003 and it would have compatibility issues with Excel 2010 or 2013 ...
    can anyone comment on that from experience?I'm a new user of VBA...I would rate myself as an absolute beginner (Just wrote some simple subs) and I'm thinking of buying that book to expand my knowledge and i need advice on that . Thanks in advance
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    It's been a while, but I think I proofed some of the examples in it.

    If you want examples that you can essentially copy and paste to get started, then that book would be a good fit. As VBA hasn't seen any real upgrades, I'd be very surprised to find more than a couple of examples that don't work, and honestly, if you did encounter those it wouldn't be too big an issue to post them in a forum and get them tweaked.

    If you want to truly learn VBA though, I'd pick up a copy of Excel Power Programming With VBA. The latter will walk you through the learning journey from start to finish and is an excellent reference.
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    Thanks for your reply Ken

    I was hesitant to buy the book but looks like i'm gonna do it.

    And i am reading through Excel Power Programming with VBA's a master piece

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