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Thread: Excel formula to copy from random colums

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    Excel formula to copy from random colums

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    I need some help with a formula ,

    I have a excel with a lot of column and i need to divid it, in different spreedshet , imagina i have this column A B C D F G AA AB AC AD AF AG BA BB BC BD BF BG and i want to have 6 diferent spreedshet qhere i have column A AA BA ; B AB BB; C AC BC ; ....... ; G AG BG .

    How can i do a formula to bring specific column?

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    The problem with that is that once you split it you still want to edit it either in the original sheet or in the shortened sheets.
    You could for instance create a new sheet (call it A) and in a1 have the formula =AA1 and copy that down
    The problem is if you edit the original sheet then go to sheet A and edit there you loose the formula and replace A!A1 with the new value not Orig!AA1

    I suggest that multiple views is actually what you are looking for. Read this

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