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Thread: Help! Withexcel conditional formula

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    Help! Withexcel conditional formula

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    Hi there, hope someone might help me out with this formula im trying to write.

    I have 2 Sheets.
    Sheet 1 has 2 colums. Colum#1 are acronyms, Colum#2 is emply
    Sheet 2 has 2 colums. Colum#1 are acronyms, Colum#2 are the corresponding acronym's_fullname.


    In sheet 1, Colum#2 i need the corresponding acronym_fullname of that shown in colum#1(sheet1), as it show in Sheet 2.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post


    Hi Bob,

    Thanks man, already found this


    worked perfect. thanks anyway. gonna try that one too.


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    They should both work. VLOOKUP only looks right, whereas the INDEX/MATCH combo can lookup right or left, so it is more versatile, but of course it is 2 function calls as against 1.

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