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Thread: Need hep to automate task using formula

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    Need hep to automate task using formula

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    Hello all,

    I work for a contact center. My job includes coaching and mentoring my team members. I document my coaching observations in excel file. I want to automate the task of capturing coaching numbers in the table in adjacent. If a do a coaching for particular team member for a particular day, the number of coaching done should automatically appear in the next sheet next to his name. Please review the attached file.

    Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

    Thanks & regards,

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    Try a formula of


    in your table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    Try a formula of


    in your table.
    Hello Bob,

    That worked! I did not know about this particular function of Excel. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. People like you make this world beautiful....

    Thanks again,

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