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Thread: Excel 2010:Applying a value to a room in a rooming list that changes when re-ordered

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    Excel 2010:Applying a value to a room in a rooming list that changes when re-ordered

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    I work for a group travel company and we make up rooming lists for our clients. We room up 1 to 4 people in each room and have a row for each person with our room #, group (alpha) to denote who needs to be roomed next to each other, last name, first name, Class (A for Adviser/S for Student), school name, room type (single double triple quad) etc. We are using pivot tables to sort on schools, group, etc. Our issue comes with the room number. Since we have 1-4 people in a room, there are 1-4 rows with each room number. The issue comes when we need to insert another room into the room grouping and have the table renumber rather than manually renumbering. Is there a function that we can use rather than a real number? I am willing to allot 4 rows to each room then clean up empty rows at the end, but I need to find a way to change all 4 numbers when I insert a room (1-4 rows for people in the room).
    room# Group last name First name
    1 A Smith Amy need to insert another room in between 1&2 and
    2 B Jones Doug autorenumber
    2 B Walsh Jim
    2 B James Eric
    Any ideas?

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    Post the workbook so we can see the data.

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    Room List attached

    2014 MO Room List - ARRANGED BY GROUP.xls
    Here is the room list I am working on. . .the column TT# is the room number we assign. I have to room advisers and students together, so if I receive a reservation later and need to add it in ( new room with 1-4 people) I want that column to renumber or be able to renumber it easily but due to varied lines in between I cannot think of a way to have that happen.

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