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Thread: If and roundup formula together

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    If and roundup formula together

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    I need help. I am trying to create a calculated field but I am having a hard time. I am working in a call center and I am currently working on the scores of my agents.

    Not Resolved/ Number of Survey
    Target = 19%


    What i would like to do is I want to get the specific number of Surveys for me to reach the target score.

    I am someone can help me out me here.

    You may reach me on my skype: kuro.chan2x


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    Hi Kristian
    Do we take it that your formula is "Not Resolved" divided by "Number of Survey" and then divide that figure by 19%? If so why do you want to use ROUNDUP?
    Also is it possible to paste a sample spreadsheet so I can take a look.

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