I am a senior citizen that knows just enough about macros to get in trouble. The macros I did 20 years ago still work fine but God forbid if I ever have to recreate them. This year I decided I was going to do my Fantasy Baseball draft properly by writing some macros. Didn't happen. Started four days prior to draft thinking it would be a piece of cake and couldn't get it done. So, I'll show you what I was trying to accomplish and if anybody can solve the problem for me (or at least point me in the right direction) it would be greatly appreciated. It would probably help a bit if you were a baseball fan. With your help I can hopefully do it right next year.

The sheet is labeled as follows:
Total Players section
A5:A250 Top 300
B5 B250 My Rank
C5:C250 Player Name
d5250 Check=Taken="x"

My Players section
F5:F250 Top 300
G5:G250 My Rank
H5:H250 My Selection Name
I5: I250 Taken="X"

And so on for K thru N (OF), P thru S (C),U thru X (1B), ZA thru AC (2B), A thru AH (3B), AJ thru AM (SS), AO thru AR (SP) and AT thru AW (RP).

Columns E, J, O, T, T,AD, AI, and AS are simply section divider columns.

In any column with the "Taken=x" heading (columns D, I, N S, X, AC, AH,AM, AR and AW) where I manual insert and "x", I want to offset 1 column to get the name, conditionally format it and the "x" cell to red, and go to any other column where the name is duplicated and also conditionally format that name to red and insert and "x" in the column next to it.

Bottom line example: I place an 'x" in I4, Mike Trout would automatically also get and "x" in the all of the "taken=x" columns beside where his name appears in the overall data base and in all cases his name and that "x" would be formatted in red in every cell where his name and that "x" occurred.

I realize that even my explanation of what I am trying to do may be a little spaghetti like so if anyone understands what I'm trying to do and can offer a better way I'll certainly try it. There is no urgency about this as my draft has passed (I drafted 9th so I didn't get Mike Trout) but I want to set it up for next year. Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from someone. BTW, I can only do this via macros and formulas ... I'm not knowledgeable enough to try anything in VBA.

Thank you all.