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Thread: Macro to compare 2 arrays based on multiple conditions

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    Macro to compare 2 arrays based on multiple conditions


    Please kindly help me with a solution for the following issue:

    I have 2 lists, each of them having 2 columns.
    First is a catalog of Positions (column A - Name of Position; column B - list of conditions for each position) and second is a list of Candidates with their competences (column A: Candidate name; Column B: assigned competences)

    I need to compare the two lists and to create a new list in a new worksheet containing the name of Candidate and the assigned Position (position is assigned if the candidate has all the needed competences)

    I've attached a sample file which better demonstrate what exactly I need.
    The real scenario contains aprox. 2100 lines for candidates list and 500 lines for positions catalog

    Thank you very much.
    I really appreciate your help,
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