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Thread: last few formulas needed, but unsure where to start

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    last few formulas needed, but unsure where to start

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    Hi its hard to explain without seeing my project yourself, i have tried designing a statistical greyhound predictor please see attached
    i would like help if possible on the following (more than welcome to edit it and send it back)

    To calculate the quickest time and taking into account the start of the race and the racing line the dog takes
    im unsure how to make it calculate all of this
    I need help on, making it so when you choose the options on the main spreadsheet it will take into account these options and work out the average time…..
    so if the dog is quick away I would say that its average time would go down by -0.07, slow away +0.07 and N/A 0
    and the same concept if on the racing line for the values by there sides
    I also then need help on making it so the lowest value total final time is 1st and the the next 2nd etc
    (this is all written on the details worksheet)

    Any help would be amazing


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    It would help us if you filled in some sample inputs, and show the expected results and how they are determined.

    Also, if you've posted in other forums, please provide links.

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