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Thread: using another funtions with dividing numbers

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    using another funtions with dividing numbers

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    I've tried to google this but all the answer goes to the same obvious answer; to divide c/b, you click on cell b, the divide and then cell b, taraaaaa. Well, as far as I know QUOTIENT function is used to divide numbers in Excel, but it only gives you whole numbers. So if I need to use it to perfom this calculation monthly, in which case I need something more ambivalent that c1/c2.....though I tried it after countif, but of course it didn't work. Any ideas I will be much appreciated

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    Can you elaborate with examples of input and results, and also why c1/c2 is "not ambivalent enough"?

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    Hi NBVC,

    I found a way with formula =IF(Q1880="","",SUM(IF(Q1874:Q1893<>0,L1874:L1893/Q1874:Q1893))).

    I wanted to put the "if" formula to make blank cells blank,and for this I needed a formula, other than just press "L1874", then "/", and then "QL1874". I have seen similar queries but people always get like; what a simple easy; L/Q! There is also a function called QUOIENT for divisions but only gives you whole numbers, not the interger. Thank you

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