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Thread: Distilling data using drop boxes

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    Question Distilling data using drop boxes

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    Hey all,

    I need your help. I am trying to develop a spreadsheet that will allow me to enter data once and manipulate it in a number of ways and I have figured out the full spreadsheet bar one section, the calculation for distillation.

    Let me explain. I have three worksheets that I am working from: one for entering all data, a source one for drop down menus and one to be used to provide information based on certain criteria. I want the latter of these to display all the data entered on the data entry sheet until I select certain criteria either collectively or individually.

    Information sheet should display all data and then I want to select either a project name, company or type of company or any combination of the above and for it to dismay only that data.

    Does that make sense? Can anyone help? I am happy to explain further but hopefully this sets out what I am trying to do.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Perhaps a sample workbook showing your requirements would better help explain.

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