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Thread: Track monthly sales for large SKU inventory

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    Track monthly sales for large SKU inventory

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    I need to create a spreadsheet to track sales. My company has around 16,00 unique sku numbers/products. We use WASP for inventory and I can export all the data from there. In my head, I want to list all the Sku's down the side. Months across the top. Each sku will show incoming/outgoing for the month.
    A bonus would be that when I run the report each month from WASP, the SS can pull the new information and automatically update my Spreadsheet.
    i also need to make sure it will show a 0 instead of skipping the sku if there has been no activity that month.
    My excel skills used to be great, but I haven't been using that part of my brain for awhile!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought about pivot table? can i make it update automatically?
    It's a blank slate! Thanks so much for the tips

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    Hi Hroberts - As you mentioned, you can do this with pivot table easily.

    1. Lets say you have the WASP data in data tab and you create summay tab with pivot table SKU in the row and Month in the column
    2. you want to show 0 instead of skippin SKU - in the above pivot go to the Pivot field list (right pane) SKU fileld >> field setting>> layout and print >> click the last 2nd option"show items with no data".
    3. go to pivot table options (right click on the pivot table) >> layout format >> under format " for empty cells show" make it as 0.
    4. make the data tab as "table" or named range with dynamic - so that you no need to change the range always.
    now the the interesting point you need to connect the data tab input into the your WASP so that each time you refresh, which will connect and refresh.. Pivot table also updated accordingly.

    Let me know if you have any questions...

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