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Thread: Excel 2007 pivot table filter question

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    Exclamation Excel 2007 pivot table filter question

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    I have a spreadsheet that I have raw data and approx 40 pivot tables that I sort the raw data into. When I refresh all tables when new raw data is added, the label filter will not refresh and has to be manually refreshed. Is there any way to make the lable filter to refresh when all of the others do? Also when I send the file to others, they must reapply just that filter to see the data. I can post the file if needed.



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    File needed.
    If too big, use
    Answer might be in Excel 2010 or later.

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    Exclamation Excel Pviot Table Question

    If you use the file attached, I can send it the file to someone and they must reapply the hours:minutes filter on the table to drill down into the information. Everytime that I add data and refresh all pivot tables on the original worksheet(which contains around 40 pivot tables) I must manually reapply the hours:minutes filter to each table. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the filter to refresh when all others do and to keep that applied when I send it to someone. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Excel 2010, Tables, PivotTable
    Never use negative dates/times/hours/minutes.
    Always format dates and times in proper MS formats, not text.
    Always use Tables for input/output data.
    Use Structured References, never $A$1 or R1C1.
    PivotTables like to retain the original data format when first created.
    Delete PT and start over if input data format changes.

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