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Thread: Insert Value according to month and date value

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    Insert Value according to month and date value

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    I doing a program in manpower statitics report

    I need to insert data from one sheet to another sheet according to date and month

    attach sample copy of file this thread

    in first sheet ( front page ) i have

    Month :
    Date :
    SAPL :

    in second sheet ( day ) i have calendar of year 2014 with a column for sapl and ajc

    when i am adding value in first sheet in sapl and ajc column, this value need to insert on each corresponding columns of second sheet according to its
    Month and Date


    Month : March
    Date : 3
    SAPL : 35
    AJC : 199

    when i edit this value in first sheet,its need to be insert in second sheet according to the month and date ,
    like this i need to fill values in each cell in second sheet according to date n month

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    Hello beneesetas

    For the question you've asked you've already gotten your answer on another forum.

    If that's not what you're after you'll need to explain why not and what it is you actually want.

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