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Thread: Data load into excel from tex file after OCR.

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    Data load into excel from tex file after OCR.

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    Hi All,

    We have many image files , on which, we are doing OCR to extract text from image files. after extracting , the data itself does not show any order. it has new line character , which breaks one row data into 2 rows. here , what we need is that , if somehow , we can manage to extract it and save into excel sheet in desired format. one condition , we can come up with here about the fact that every beginning of a row is tarting from 60*** series. the second one would one can come up a 'row' might be:$ followed by zero or more digits, followed by a decimal point. since , I am not very good in excel , hence can not think any logic myself as if now, which would serve the purpose here.

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    Anyone like to comment on this ?


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