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Thread: Filtering Error

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    Filtering Error

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    I have a sheet that I have percentiles and averages on the far columns. When I filter the columns out it removes portions of the percentiles and averages. Is there a way to "lock" these cells so that they do not change or disappear?
    (ie Filter AD to fire and most of the percentiles disappear). I want everything after columns AD to never change.
    OK, I realize that the area I would like to freeze is part of the rows and gets filtered out with the other data. With that being said, is there a way to have the %ages and averages, mean, count, etc on another worksheet and have it recalculate with the filtered data. For example on the data set I filter out Fire, so it is just EMS and then if I go to the other worksheet it reflects the updated calculations. I could then go back to the data set and filter it to weekdays and then when I go to the averages worksheet it recalculates with the new filtered data? (I hope that made sense)

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    ok, so subtotal works for most of these that I want to do. I am having trouble finding the median and percentile of filtered results on a second worksheet. Any suggestions?

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