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Thread: Reference Table in seperate Workbooks

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    Question Reference Table in seperate Workbooks

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    Hi everyone.
    Need to accomplish the following and need help please.
    I have two seperate excel workbooks, "Workbook A" and "Workbook B"
    In Workbook B, I've formatted a range as a Table (let's say "Table1" with Date, Description, Area as column headers)
    I need to enter a formula in Workbook A which references the table parts in Workbook B.

    What I need to do, as an example, is in Workbook A, to show the number of items in Workbook B with today's date, I want to use something like:
    Workbook A, Cell A2 = countif('Workbook B'!Table1[Date],today())

    I remember doing this a while ago, but it was accidental and I cannot find the file I used last time. Tried Microsoft's info on Structured references and Tables, but they only mention doing this, not examples. I remember it being related to wher eyou use the quotation marks, exclamation marks, brackets etc, but cannot remember the structure.

    Anybody out there who can help please.
    If anybody is wondering, I need to put a system in place whereby a non-Excel-savvy person can save a bunch of exports from online systems to a folder, format them as tables and open a Master spreadsheet, update filenames on the Master sheet and the rest will be calculated automatically. If I use tables, I can remove the possibility of the number of rows in hte data files exceeding any set ranges I might use in the Master sheet

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    One of the draw back of Using the Table References requires the source workbook in OPEN.

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