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Thread: in how much classes are the children together? Excel formula

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    in how much classes are the children together? Excel formula

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    I have several classes with children.
    Each child participates in some classes.
    I want to know how often participants two children in the same class.
    I tried to do with the sumproduct function but I did not really succeed.

    For example:

    Class A: David,
    John, Bob, Ayalon
    Class B:
    Elijah, Ayalon, Eviatar, Jorge
    Class C:
    Ayalon, Joshua, David, Elijah
    Class D:
    Jorge, Bob, Elijah, Eviatar
    Class E:
    John, Joshua, Bob, David

    The expected answer:
    name 1: Elijah, name 2:David, answer: 1
    name 1: Bob, name 2: John, answer: 2
    name 1:
    Joshua, name 2: Jorge , answer: 0

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    adjust ranges to suit.... then confirm with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER and copied down.

    Note: If the number of name columns is known and is not excessive, you can forego the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER by replacing the TRANSPOSE part like so:


    placing an equal number of semi-colon separated 1's as there are name columns in the database in this part: {1;1;1;1}
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    Thanks!!! (=

    Why CNTL + SHFT + ENTR not work for me in Excel Starter?

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    My mistake, it works great!

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