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    VBA On & Off Button

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    Hello Excel Universe!

    I am beginning to learn some VBA on my spare time and was looking for some help on what I need to do in order to make an on/off button on the attached excel doc.

    Essentially I would like to have a visual button to click either on or off within the expenses to trigger a formula when on to multiply the C15 - C24 cells to either the number of units or market value or annual income. And if off then the user can input the numbers manually.

    Any ideas on where to start or would this be a quick program someone can be so kind in writing for me?
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    I did not understand what you want, can you explain in other words ?

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    Hoiw do you know whether the formula should use number of units or market value or annual income, and where do these values come from?

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    Thank you both for the reply, for this worksheet I would like to make it very simple for clients to use this workbook to either enter the data manually for expenses which would be column I, row 15-32 OR be able to estimate by updating the data in column C, row 15-24 which would either multiply a percentage (C15 & C17) by the annual income and multiply the number of units (B4) to cells (C16, C18-C24). All formulas would be located in I15-I24.

    These values would be estimates from the clients, same with the units & market value. They would be looking at a potential asset and determining the numbers on their own level of knowledge.

    Does this help?

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