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    Hello everyone,

    I have created a database which includes peoples names. I have set up a simple COUNTA function to give me a total of the names. This worked perfectly initially, however it has now stopped working and will not register any entries. The column with names is formatted to 'General' and the formula is COUNTA(A1:A62) -simples!- where column A is the one with the names in. I have set up and copied this database so that individuals can use their own copy. However, when the database was set up I tested the count function which worked perfectly. Now it does not! Help!

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    If this is any help, the COUNT function does not register names as they are being input; however, when logging out and back in again the count will show the correct number. My previous use of COUNT has always shown the results in real-time.

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    Check to see if you have Automatic Calculations set on.

    Go to Formulas tab, then in Calculation Options, select Calculations, then make sure Automatic is checked.

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    Many thanks, the case is solved!

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